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Andrew Petcash

Episode 20 features Andrew Petcash, the brains behind The Petcash Post, a popular email newsletter covering the business of athletes, sports, and NIL.

Andrew played division 1 basketball at Boston University and is a great resource when it comes to understanding NIL deals. We talked about his newsletter, college basketball, and NIL.

Photo credit: Boston University Athletics

Topics covered in this episode:

  • How Andrew came up with the idea for The Petcash Post
  • Building a business through email
  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Choosing topics for the newsletter
  • Dealing with the pressure of the newsletter
  • Growing your subscriber base
  • Dealing with criticisms
  • Monetizing The Petcash Post
  • How Andrew ended up at Boston University
  • A D1 basketball player’s schedule
  • Should college athletes get paid?
  • Do NIL deals solve the compensation problem?
  • The best ways to profit from NIL
  • Setting yourself up for NIL success

We started (and finished) with a 5 question lightning round.

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