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Tucker Booth - Rappers Don't Golf

Episode 5 – Tucker Booth, Battle Rapper & Entertainer

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Episode 5 features Tucker Booth, an award-winning battle rapper and entertainer. Tucker is also the host of the Rappers Don't Golf podcast. A man of many talents, Tucker offers some…
Dr. Mike Goatley

Episode 4 – Dr. Mike Goatley, Virginia Tech Turfgrass Specialist

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Episode 4 features Dr. Mike Goatley, a Virginia Tech professor specializing in turfgrass. Mike travels throughout the state of Virginia developing educational outreach programs focused on all areas of turfgrass…
Wayne Pettry - JMU Softball

Episode 3 – Wayne Pettry, JMU Softball Assistant Coach

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Episode 3 features Coach Wayne Pettry, a JMU softball volunteer assistant coach. Wayne is a graduate of James Madison University and spent his college years serving as a team manager.…
Zach Pereles

Episode 2 – Zach Pereles, Sports Writer and Analyst

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Episode 2 features Zach Pereles, a sportswriter, analyst and editor. Zach is a graduate of Northwestern University and has worked for ESPN, Yahoo, the Denver Broncos, Sports Illustrated and several media…
Big G aka Gordon Rorison

Episode 1 – Big G, Host of the Real Life Caddie Podcast

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Episode 1 features Gordon Rorison, aka Big G. Gordon is a “lifer” Scottish caddie who currently resides in California and hones his craft at a little known course called Pebble…