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Tony Starks - Golf Copywriter

Episode 21 – Tony Starks, Golf Copywriter and Holey Moley Contestant

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Episode 21 features Tony Starks, a copywriter for TaylorMade Golf and a recent contestant on ABC's Holey Moley. We discuss Tony's 15 year career in the world of golf, as…
Andrew Petcash

Episode 20 – Andrew Petcash, The Petcash Post

| Golf Podcasts | No Comments
Episode 20 features Andrew Petcash, the brains behind The Petcash Post, a popular email newsletter covering the business of athletes, sports, and NIL. Andrew played division 1 basketball at Boston…
Scott Hoffmann Photo

Episode 19 – Scott Hoffmann, Golf Course Designer

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Episode 19 features Scott Hoffmann, a golf course designer and greenkeeping consultant. One of Scott's projects includes the recently opened Gravel Pit Golf Course in Brainerd, Minnesota. We talked about…
Zach and Andy Pessagno of Chasing Fowl Photography

Episode 18 – Zach and Andy Pessagno, Chasing Fowl Photography

| Golf Podcasts | No Comments
Episode 18 features Zach and Andy Pessagno of Chasing Fowl Photography. Zach and Andy Pessagno are the owners of Chasing Fowl Photography. These brothers teamed up several years ago to…
Abby Liebenthal

Episode 17 – Abby Liebenthal, Fore the Ladies

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Episode 17 features Abby Liebenthal, President and Founder of Fore the Ladies, Inc. Abby is also the Senior Manager of Championship Marketing for the United States Golf Association (USGA). In…
Lauren Stephenson

Episode 16 – Lauren Stephenson, LPGA Golfer

| Golf Podcasts | No Comments
Episode 16 features Lauren Stephenson, the first LPGA golfer to ever visit our virtual studio. Lauren is one of the top 100 female golfers in the world, and she was…