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Abby Liebenthal

Episode 17 features Abby Liebenthal, President and Founder of Fore the Ladies, Inc.

Abby is also the Senior Manager of Championship Marketing for the United States Golf Association (USGA). In this episode, we discuss some of Abby’s career experiences and we give listeners a glimpse into Abby’s non-profit organization, Fore the Ladies.

Fore the LadiesTopics covered in this episode:

  • Abby’s career in golf
  • Some key takeaways from Abby’s jobs along the way
  • Identifying skillsets and passions
  • Abby’s role at the USGA
  • Launching Fore the Ladies
  • Some of the barriers that keep women from exploring golf
  • The growth of Fore the Ladies
  • Growing pains
  • Content creation for amateur golfers
  • The future of Fore the Ladies

We wrap everything up with a 5 question lightning round.

Abby has lived in 8 different U.S. states. Which one is her favorite? You’ll have to listen in to find out.

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