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Dr. Mike Goatley

Episode 4 features Dr. Mike Goatley, a Virginia Tech professor specializing in turfgrass.

Mike travels throughout the state of Virginia developing educational outreach programs focused on all areas of turfgrass management. He’s a great guy and an engaging guest.

Mike Goatley the only person I know with:

  • a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy
  • a Master’s Degree in Crop Sciences and
  • a Ph.D. in Crop and Soil Sciences

All that to say, you should tune in. I promise you’re going to learn something.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Mike’s first impressions of golf
  • Lincoln Homestead State Park Golf Course
  • How Mike ended up in the world of turfgrass (credit to Dr. A.J. Powell, Jr.)
  • Working with bermudagrass
  • Warm vs. cool season grasses
  • The “perfect” climate for turfgrass management
  • Turfgrass research examples and funding
  • How turfgrass developments end up in the real world

We ended with a lightning round of 10 questions. Dr. Goatley leaves us with a few tips for curating the perfect lawn.

Will Mike ever ride in a self-driving car? Listen in to find out.

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