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Bharat Kanodia of Veristrat

Episode 10 features Bharat Kanodia, a Business Valuation Expert.

Bharat is the founder and chief appraiser at Veristrat LLC. He’s a casual golfer and a contributor at where he writes about a variety of business and financial topics. He also hosts a YouTube channel called “What’s It Worth?”

On this episode, we talk a bit of golf before diving into the world of business valuations. I had lots of questions about valuing businesses, unique assets and more. Bharat offered some great insights.

Listen in, I guarantee you’ll learn something!

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Bharat’s relationship to golf
  • Pros/cons of an analytical golfer
  • Bharat’s company, Veristrat
  • The importance of not siloing yourself
  • Business valuations: An art or a science?
  • Why business valuations can vary between appraisers
  • Approaches to valuing a business
  • Big companies Bharat’s valued
  • Challenges that come with large valuations
  • Startup valuations
  • What to look for in a startup
  • Unique assets
  • Valuing a golf course
  • Maximizing the value of your business
  • Teddy Roosevelt

Is owning a golf course a good business investment? That depends. Listen in to hear Bharat’s take.

Our time together ended with a lightning round of 8 questions.

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