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Matt Ericksen of Cactus Golf Club

Episode 12 features Matt Ericksen, co-founder of Cactus Golf Club.

Matt and a friend launched this online community to bring golfers together for game improvement and networking. Cactus Golf Club features exclusive monthly deals, fun giveaways, and drills/tips from golf instructors.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Cactus Golf Club LogoHow golf became a part of Matt’s life
  • The best part of Matt’s golf game
  • Where Matt’s game needs to improve
  • Social golf or solo golf?
  • Matt’s favorite Arizona golf course
  • Desert golf vs Indiana golf
  • Matt’s worst golf accessory purchase
  • Matt’s best golf purchase (affiliate link)
  • Why Matt launched Cactus Golf Club
  • The sales pitch for Cactus Golf Club
  • Choosing brands to partner with
  • Where the weekly tips and drills come from
  • Future plans for Cactus Golf Club

The episode featured not 1, but 2 lightning rounds!

I asked Matt which PGA Tour player he would like to trade places with. Who do you think he chose?

Random References from this Podcast

  • Legacy Golf Club in Phoenix

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Connect with Matt Ericksen

This episode was sponsored by Chasing Aces. Listen to our other podcast episodes.

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